Jukebox Wednesdays!

Become a Frango’s DJ! We must be juking?
Nope, throughout the week we have our mixture of background music playing throughout Frango’s; funky jazz, soul, acoustics…you name it, we also have the occasional live band from time to time.
HOWEVER, now’s your chance to choose our music! We are handing the baton over to you, every Wednesday afternoon (12pm-4pm) it’s your turn.
With our new ‘Virtual Jukebox’ you can control what music is played throughout Frango’s!
Just simply text the phone number on the wall of Frango’s Restaurant, we’ll send you a link to over 6million tracks for you to choose from and then it’s down to you!
Whether it’s Tom Jones or Black Sabbath that takes your fancy… we have it all.

Happy Jukebox Wednesday’s Frango’s fans!

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