The Piri Piri Story

There’s a lot of debate over how piri-piri came to Portugal, but rumour has it, this is the story…

Piri Piri Story - Frango's Restaurant CoventryIt began when the peppers were brought back on Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the America’s. Some people believe that the Portuguese took off with the precious chilli peppers to Mozambique (their colony at the time) where the local  folk decided to christen it with a Swahili word that means ‘pepper-pepper’ – makes sense.

Eventually though, a variety of the peppers ended up back in Portugal and kept its new Christian name.

The Oxford Dictionary says:
[mass noun ]
very hot sauce made with red chilli peppers.

We’d say that sounds pretty accurate!


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The Piri Piri Story

heartThere's been a lot of debate over how Piri-Piri came to Portugal, but rumour has it...